While Security against thievery and fraud is a major security concern in Zimbabwe, fire nevertheless is a major risk to both households and business. Due to constant power cuts and as seen with recent events, fire risk in Zimbabwe has increased.
With the decay in our social systems and corruption now being the order of the day, building regulations are not adhered to resulting in substandard electrical wiring, plumbing etc. All these factors rally in on the need for corporates to seriously evaluate fire risk in the workplace. The consequences of a fire can be devastating for a business. Other than the obvious loss of property, the loss of important company documents and information will deal a deadly blow.
Negligence is the leading cause of fire outbreaks worldwide. Simply evaluating your risk and conscientising your workforce on those risks will go a long way in preventing unwanted fire outbreaks. Building fire safety cannot however be defined as a “single system”, it relies upon a group of “sub systems” to form a complete “package”. More often than not, if one of the “sub systems” is removed, the whole “package” will collapse and the occupants within the building will face an unacceptable risk in the event of a fire outbreak.
In the next issue I will look a bit deeper into building fire safety and the different systems you need to put in place in order to safely and effectively mitigate this risk.

Till my next issue,

Yours Truly

Divine Simbi-Ndhlukula


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