SECURITY UPDATE – Introduction

As security is definitely on top of mind among business leaders today, I am now back with this informative newsletter that I hope to send you monthly. This idea was conceived after realization that most executives need security awareness for them to be effective in their decision making on such a critical issue of security.
Awareness makes perfect financial and business sense and being proactive delivers long term positive financial results. Once security awareness starts to deliver financial results, executives will be able to concentrate on their core business.
This newsletter is targeted at the Executives and Senior Management. The newsletter is going to complement our monthly media security alerts. This was after a realization that due to pressure of work and media clutter, our media communications sometimes fail to get the attention of executive management.
It will be short, concise and to the point – no more than 280 words. I also intend to solicit your valuable contributions on security issues through your feedback, as this will also assist us in continuously improving our security solutions.
Security being a strategic issue that has a bearing on the bottom line, this newsletter intends to highlight the benefits of a holistic security strategy such as peace of mind, security of property and life, seamless integration with business operations and to answer debatable security questions among others of whether to outsource security or not.
Team SECURICO firmly upholds the value of customers to business survival and as such communication with clients is solicited and encouraged.
In line with good ethical practices, I am therefore kindly requesting you to subscribe to this all-embracing monthly newsletter, As well as forward to your peers and colleagues. There is also an option to unsubscribe, if, in your opinion, the newsletter is no longer adding value to you.
Yours truly
Divine Ndhlukula

SECURITY UPDATE – Introduction

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